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What TourX?

We respond to the new demands of the modern tourist with an innovative solution. You can book your favorite experiences when you are on vacation or visiting a destination.

With TourX, everything is included!

Adventure and historical games; gastronomy, traditions and habits of the place; innovative and interactive information; arts and wines; new friends. TourX experiences include everything you need!

Smile, post and win!

Images of TourX experiences that make you want more. The best pictures are always rewarded.

Tourists + Experience = Explorator!

We teach your preferences and we are committed to pleasantly surprise you. Tell us what your passions are and let us take them and turn you from tourist to explorer!

Personalize Your Experiences!

Suppose you do not find your favorite experiences on our list. You still like the TourX concept and you want ... "different", something else. Click the "Personalize" button and resolve.